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AM News: Vermont Out Of RTTT Running

11111111111news Vermont will not seek federal education grant AP:  Vermont will not seek millions of dollars in a federal grant program aimed at improving failing schools, joining a handful of states in dropping out of the "Race to the Top" program despite strapped budgets... Political war continues to rage in Capistrano Unified School District LA Times:  Teachers’ strike over a 10% pay cut is just the latest dust-up. Now there’s another school board recall effort — the third in five years...Angst as teachers reapply for jobs Boston Globe:  Anxiety rippled through seven “underperforming’’ Boston schools yesterday, as more than 350 teachers and staff members faced a deadline to reapply for their jobs as part of an overhaul by Superintendent Carol R. Johnson...Johnson to lead two national education panels Sacto Press:  The Duncan panel is one of two education panels to which Johnson was recently appointed: He will also lead a U.S. Conference of Mayors task force on K-12 public schools...Duncan: Detroit Schools at 'bottom of the barrel'. Newsday:  U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has voiced concern about the very high dropout rates in the Detroit school district, but says it shouldn't count on the federal government to step in and save it.


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