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USDE: Duncan Kept VIP List For Magnet Admissions

ScreenHunter_69 Mar. 17 10.53 Talk about tight and loose.  While Arne Duncan's successor tries to sort out Chicago's highly compromised, clout-riddled magnet schools admissions process and come up with a system that is sturdier and more transparent, the Tribune now reveals that the Duncan team kept a 40-page list of VIPs including Desiree Rogers and 25 city councilmen who attempted to intercede to get children who had been rejected or hadn't even applied into popular schools.  The calls and letters didn't always work, everyone is careful to note, and Duncan's Peter Cunningham describes the list as an effort to centralize the process and insulate principals from heavyhanded calls.  See also the Sun Times story here.

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Right Duncan says his office never told a principal to accept a student. However, most principals would reply with, "you don't say no to Arne Duncan"

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