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Roundup: Popchips Are The Best


Obama and NCLB Valerie Strauss:  So many people had so many high hopes for Obama’s impact on education.

The Big Idea Diane Ravitch in the LA Times:  There have been two features that regularly mark the history of U.S. public schools. Over the last century, our education system has been regularly captivated by a Big Idea -- a savant or an organization that promised a simple solution to the problems of our schools. The second is that there are no simple solutions, no miracle cures to those problems.

Washington State Enters the Race to the Top Rob Manwaring TQATE: Congratulations to education reformers from my home state, Washington, for helping to pass a package education reform bills that take a significant step forward for a state that did not even bother to apply for the first round of Race to the Top.

Did Newsweek Suffer a Pang of Conscience? Claus Von Zastrow LFA:  Newsweek has apparently scrubbed its lead story on education of some offensive content. The original headline read "The Problem with Education Is Teachers." Well, that's gone. So is the following subhead: "Getting rid of bad teachers is the solution to turning around failing urban schools."

Picture:  Popchips salt and pepper solves nearly every problem I encounter.


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