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Video: Controversy Over "Step" Dance Contest

In a nutshell:  White sorority learns step dancing 15 years ago at a black/white sorority mixer, enters and wins national contest last month (see performance above).  Controversy ensues, contest sponsors declare a tie.  Washington Post article here.

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That was some great stepping!

I think this is sickening. Enough is enough. I for one and so so sick of black people whinning everytime something does not do there way... This time it was the blacks that were and are being racists. These young women won fair and square but will have to share with a black group... BULL I think the team that won should sue the heck out of the them for being rasists. I know I would. Its time for this crap to end. Maybe its time white people take a stand. There are more black racist in this world today. And we are just sitting there and saying nothing. BULL Even Obama is showing his racist side. All I see is him promoting blacks... And as far and his health reform ... He can shove it... Cause there will still be people that will not be able to see doctors it all boils down to that fact that The US helps more country then they do there own...Pass some of that cash out to our people maybe there would not be so many children living in the streets.

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