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Tech: State & Local Superintendents On Twitter

Mailbox100405_560Here's a beginning list of state (@SSPIJack, @suptflanagan, @Tony_Bennett, @kycommissioner) and district superintendents (andreamerida, @canyonsdave, @colonelb, @pammoran,@johnccarver, @edubrew, @pammoran, @canyonsdave,@johnccarver, @colonelb, @Akee123, @ericconti) on Twitter.  Are they any good at putting out interesting information about their thinking and experiences?  I have no idea.  Know any others who might be better?  Let us know.  Getting on Twitter is one thing.  Putting out candid, useful information is another.  


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@deborahgist for RI.

thanks to @Larryferlazzo:

"If you're still looking for supts on Twitter, here's another one - ours from Sact @scusdsupt , interesting guy, Broad connected"

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