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News: Reading, Clout, Cuts

Reading scores stalled despite 'No Child Left Behind,' report finds Washington Post:  The nation's students are mired at a basic level of reading in fourth and eighth grades, their achievement in recent years largely stagnant, according to a federal report Wednesday... Reading Scores Lag Behind Math NYT:  The nation’s school children made little or no progress in reading proficiency in recent years, according to the largest nationwide reading test. Why math scores have improved faster is much-debated...NAEP Reading Results Deemed Disappointing EdWeek:  In the latest administration of the test, 8th graders gained 1 point, while 4th graders’ scores were unchanged from 200711111111111news..State's black fourth-graders post worst reading scores in U.S. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  A national government report delivered dire news Wednesday about how Wisconsin prepares its students..

Ed Secretary Duncan faces questions on admissions Boston Globe:  Revelations that President Barack Obama's top education official kept a log of calls from powerful people trying to get students into top Chicago high schools when he ran the massive district have raised new questions about the city's admissions practices. How Chicago VIPs Lobbied Schools Under Duncan Ed Week:  The initials "AD" are listed 10 times as the sole person requesting help for a student, and as a co-requester about 40 times.

Charlotte Votes to Start Layoffs of 600 Teachers EdWeek:  The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board voted against a motion to cut everyone's pay up to 10 percent to avert layoffs for the coming year...


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To say I'm not surprised about the lack of academic achievement reported by the NAEP is an understatement. I continue to be surprised, however, that people don't put 2+2 together...it's NOT about what we're teaching, or trying to teach as much as it is that students are prepared to learn. Would love to have others' feedback on this topic:

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