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Blog Roundup: Divisions Remain Over Testing, Standards

100329_r19470_p233Valerie Strauss v. me on tests Uncle Jay Mathews:  Valerie says the standardized tests we use now are too unreliable to tolerate. I don't like them that much myself, but I still think they are useful, and don't see Valerie providing any evidence on her side... Conservatives Split Over Common Education Standards GOOD Nikhil Swaminathan: I predicted last week, a liberal media love-in over newly drafted common standards for education was sure to galvanize opposition from the right against those very same metrics. I was at least half-right...Fickle Fordham Chad Aldeman TQATE: The Thomas B. Fordham Institute staff can’t seem to agree about the proper role of the federal government in education reform... Racially Divisive Press Mars Discussion of South Philadelphia High School Latoya Peterson Racialicious: I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop in the matter of South Philadelphia High School. And it did...RTTT finalists have a variety of backers, naysayers Nirvi Shah EdMoney: So who really has the best shot at being a first round winner of the much-needed Race to the Top money? "Teachers, check your roll books. I repeat, Teachers, check your roll books." Teacher Ken: It was just a few minutes before the end of 4th period.  The announcement came on...

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