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NCLB: What Next For The Duncan Blueprint?

Anonymous There's still no in-depth analysis of the Duncan blueprint out there though I know a few folks are working on producing one.  (As often happens, things fell off sharply after the first day coverage and the reaction and process stories.)  I am hoping someone will do a side by side with current law or a comparison with the Miller discussion draft from two years ago.  But there are a couple of things worth noting in the meantime.  Four points and some questions at the end:

1-Putting out the blueprint makes this an official Obama priority but also could mean there's a little less buy-in from the Committee chairs (at least until they put out a chairman's mark if that's what happens next). Far as the Hill is concerned, this is still Obama's bill to sell, not theirs.

2-Remember that the blueprint was put together by a Duncan team made up in large part of former Kennedy staffers, whose perspective is different from the Miller folks who went through the whole Miller discussion draft debacle two years ago. Note that Miller did raise some concerns over the remedies for schools in need of dramatic changes.

Click below to read 3 & 4 and some key questions:

3-The additional indicators that would be included in the school rating matrix are many of them TBD, so no one really knows how they would change schools' ratings. With its focus on college- and career- readiness, the Duncan plan might not reduce the number of schools that miss the mark each year, though the names and interventions would be different.

4-The proposed rating system won’t necessarily be simpler or more nuanced than the current one, either.  Coming up with a norming system that will rank schools within each state won’t be easy or without controversy, for example. Ditto for differentiated interventions.  Simpler, or more differentiated?  Can't be both.

Key Questions:  Who will introduce legislation first?  Will it be a legislative version of the Obama proposal, or a real Chairman's mark that includes tweak and changes that Miller or Harkin think necessary?  Will the bill start in the House or the Senate?   Will the process be bipartisan (ie begin with the support of the ranking members) or not?


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