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NCLB: A 72 Percent Funding Increase

Speaking of funding:  You and your ilk may all think you hate NCLB but don't forget that it was appealing enough to lawmakers that Congress increased Title I funding by 72 percent over seven years.  These and other historic realities are being missed during the current debate over replacing NCLB, notes Tribune columnist Steve Chapman (Obama missing the lessons of No Child Left Behind).


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FL is providing federal funds to the lowest 5% of schools (70) to the tune of 500,000 dollars each year for 3 years. There is an expectation that the RTTT and FL's differentiated accountability guidelines will transform the lowest performing schools. It can happen, but there needs to be specific steps in creating structures and systems that are effective. While districts can spend money on personnel needs, most would not be able to sustain after the improvement grant runs out.

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