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Blogs: Feds Ask Schools For More Civil Rights Data

SchoolrelationshipsSizing Up The New Blueprint National Journal:  Could Duncan's catchphrase "tight on goals, loose on means" translate into a loss of accountability under the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act? What does the blueprint get right? What does it get wrong?  Obama on Education Lead From The Start:  I thought Obama was going to be an early education president. Turns out he isn't even an education president.  'Education Does Not Begin Or End At The Schoolhouse Door' Liam Goldrick: A lot of us in education policy get lost within our own locus of control [image].  Feds Add New Categories for Civil Rights Reporting Mary Ann Zehr: The U.S. Department of Education has announced that for the 2009-10 school year, school districts will have to collect data in a number of new categories that relate to students' civil rights. Claims of Resegregation in North Carolina Newsweek:  Previously a model of desegregation, the state's classrooms have begun to divide again along racial lines.  Democrats miss an obvious lesson plan for deprived children George Will:  Duncan seems to fancy himself an Earl Warren, expanding civil rights. Actually, he resembles Mrs. Jellyby. Grad rates threat? Eggheads again show they're cracked CBS Sports:  When smart people don't know what they're talking about, they become stupid.  Court Blocks Suit Over School Isolation Room Mark Walsh:  Placing a child in a locked isolation room for misbehavior was "a recognized educational tool" and thus a parent who challenged the tactic first had to exhaust administrative remedies before suing, a federal appeals court ruled.


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