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Innovation: What SES Was Supposed To Look Like?

22school.600 A few years ago at a conference a NYC DOE guy named Joel Rose came up and said hello and told me that he'd gotten hooked on The Wire via my early and incessant blogging about it. 

It was and is still one of the nicest things that anyone's ever said to me about the blog.  But it turns out that Rose isn't just all about high quality HBO drama.  He's also got this thing called School of One that's been profiled in the Times and in TIME.  (I know, I know.  Computerized instruction.  New York City.) It's a hybrid program that uses a mix of instructional approaches (online and real life teaching) plus a bunch of different content providers rather than just one.  And now it's expanding to additional school sites. 

Jenny Medina profiled the pilot version in the Times last summer.  TIME named it a top innovation.  


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