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Media: Education Writing Finalists Announced

100303_SIGNS_walk_into_townEX Here are some of the finalists for the annual Education Writers Association awards announced last week. Several are stories and bylines you've seen here during the past year: (Libby Quaid, Associated Press, Michael Alison Chandler Washington Post Poor Neighborhoods, Untested Teachers", David McKay Wilson Harvard Education Letter "The Invisible Hand in Education Policy", Mary Wiltenburg Christian Science Monitor "Little Bill Clinton: A School Year in the Life of a New American”, John Merrow Learning Matters Leadership: A Challenging Course.

There are also a bunch of interesting looking finalist submissions that I don't recall posting here: Helen Zelon and Karen Loew City Limits The Education Business: Teachers Missing at the Top, Sarah Carr Times-Picayune “The Challenge of Choice”, Peter Eisler Anthony DeBarros and Elizabeth Weise "Trouble on the Tray", Drew Lindsay The Washingtonian "Success Factory", Tom Detzel and Paddy Hirsch, Marketplace and ProPublica- “Allegations of Enrollment Abuses at University of Phoenix”.

Check them out.  Congrats to all.


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