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Media: NPR Story Misses Charter Dropouts

Empty-classroom-0127 Yet another example of just how powerful is our need for uplifting news (and how superficial our journalism has become) NPR picked up the story about the 100 percent college acceptance rate at Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men, the country's first all-male public charter high school (First All-Male Charter Sends Entire Class To College).  As much as a third of the school's students dropped out or transferred before senior year, according to readers on my Chicago site who looked at the school's numbers.  School head Tim King declined to respond to this issue when I emailed him about it. 


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The Washington Post did something similar years ago. They did a big story hailing the fact that all the graduates of a charter school were going to college. They neglected to mention that the 20 graduates represented a fifth of the class that had started as freshmen.

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