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Events: Yale Conference Takeaways

ColorblockPique-7035  It already seems like it happened months ago but here are some takeaways from the Yale education conference that I and many others used to distract ourselves through a cold Friday in New Haven:  Great to see Charlie Barone there and to hear Brad Jupp talk. Two good, experienced, guys who speak candidly and know what they're talking about - both should be on more panels. Surprising enthusiasm and excitement re RTTT.  It was in part a pep rally for (as well as a job recruiting fair for young smartypants who looked like George Clooney's sidekick in Up In The Air.  As if D. Ravitch and Blueprint struggles didn't exist.   Wow Schnur name drops / talks about himself a lot  (said something about writing a book, too?). Two hashtags for one conference? Fail.  Hashtags should be announced and repeated at events. Over-Twittered? Probably, but it does help people like me actually pay attention.  Not much else going on, right? Good to have free wireless.  You'd be surprised how many events still don't.  Click below for sample of Twitter comments.


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