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Business: Core Standards Will Help Publishers

"The implementation of core standards would reduce the burden Pearson faces in adapting materials to individual state requirements. It could also open up an opportunity for Pearson to win a new contract measuring the progress of that common-standards initiative."

- Wall Street Journal Education Unit Helps Lift Pearson Results


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Well, thank god thinks are working out for Pearson. Whatever the Obama administration can do to ensure the success of that billion dollar, multinational corporation is clearly what's best for American education.

It does not really matter that there may be core standards being developed as I have not found any publisher that will cover all standards in their books. Why do we need to continue to purchase textbooks; when we are educating digital natives?

I was really worried, too, Todd! Corporations need to be catered to in any legislation that passes. Let's not let individual teachers do crazy things like decide what to teach in their own classes, eh? :)

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