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Duncan: Former Aide Leaves Over Magnet Mess

91547788Many mainstream news outlets continue to ignore the story but bad news keeps coming out of Chicago about the convoluted and clout-vulnerable magnet school process that Duncan failed to do much of anything clean up while he was head of the school system there. Over the weekend, Duncan's right-hand man, David Pickens, resigned/ was fired, and more politically-connected names are coming out on a list of VIPs who attempted to get kids bumped to the head of the line for a handful of coveted Chicago schools.  No comment from Duncan.  Meanwhile, Mayor Daley can't decide whether making calls is perfectly understandable or totally unacceptable. 


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If we could only keep politics out of education, public schooling might be in better shape. It looks like slum "pickens" for Duncan without a confidant beside him.

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