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Roundup: Health Reform, Sad Sandy, Secret Lists


Health-Care Reform: Implications for Teachers, ESEA Stephen Sawchuk:  So what, you ask, are the implications of the health-care reform bill for education?...Sizing Up The New Blueprint Sandy Kress:  I have been generally supportive of the Obama education agenda. But, in my view, one set of decisions in the Blueprint threatens to blot out all the good that may come from the many other worthy initiatives... Of Secret Lists and Special Treatment Hess:  I am among those warning that failure to sensibly insulate Race to the Top (RTT) from political officials and pressure poses risks to the credibility and sustainability of the centerpiece of the Obama...Truth in Labeling Claus Von Z:  Welsh wasn't prepared for the challenges he would face as the school's demographics changed...State shows little change in NAEP reading scores Ed News CO:  Reading test scores for 4th and 8th graders showed no significant change from 2007 to 2009 in 38 states, including Colorado, according to the National Assessment of Education Progress...The Day I Quit… Just A Sub: “Sorry I couldn’t do a better job for you” was my closing line on the end of day report.


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