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Crib Sheets: Palin Wasn't Cheating -- But You Were

Blog_Palin_Hand_Notes Ever write something on your hand to pass a quiz?  I sure did.  Now's the time to come clean.  Last weekend, Sarah Palin did what kids have been doing for years to help remember things (and occasionally to cheat on vocab quizzes):  she wrote some key phrases on her hand.  The Internet has been exploding about this in the days since then.  (No, I don't think she was really doing anything wrong.)  But I tried this method to cheat on a vocabulary quiz in 5th grade.  The effort wasn't much better concealed than Palin's.  Mrs. Cholden pulled me aside, told me I didn't need to do things like that, and I never did again. Did you ever try and cheat as a kid -- and what happened when you got caught?


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First, people aren't up in arms over the fact that Palin scribbled some stuff down before the speech...people are surprised that 1) she chose to do it in the same way a 5th grader would, instead of a notecard or *gasp*, a teleprompter and 2) she wrote the most ridiculous bullet points. Who needs a reminder to talk about tax cuts at a tea party convention? Thats like needing a reminder to mention basketball when writing an Arne Duncan story. That should be a given right?

As for cheating, I never did the whole "write on yourself" trick...although I will admit to programming formulas in my graphing calculator during HS physics tests.

You cheated then. You cheat now. Where's Dean Millot's post on RTTT? Why has it disappeared with no explanation. Why isn't he still posting on TWIE? Need a crib sheet to answer?

Did it occur to anyone that this was a deliberate move to boost Palin's common man credentials and differentiate herself from Obama and his teleprompter. Like everything else about SP, it brings Amens from her fans and condemnation from her detractors. And isn't that the point?

Your teacher was correct. There is no need to write on your hand any more. You can look up facts on the internet. SOOOOO... was your hand equivalent to what the internet is today?

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