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NCLB: Key Details From Obama Proposal

Here are three key things about the NCLB reauthorization plan that's embedded in the FY11 budget request:

So far, the system has identified some 30,000 schools as needing improvement, a euphemism for failing, far more than states or districts have the capacity to improve.

Experts call it unlikely that the president would seek to junk a results-oriented system that is ingrained in 50 states and the District. In fact, the administration will still rely on those data to compile lists of struggling schools it wants to turn around.

Duncan also said several popular programs face cuts or consolidations, including Teach For America, which got an $18 million grant this year. He said the elite teacher training program will have to compete for funding.

Remember:  NCLB reauthorization's unlikely to happen anytime soon, and it's only a proposal from the Administration that has yet to be shaped by Congress.


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Is there any proposal to nationalize the test throughout the nation? The differences in state tests and difficulty level make the system faulty. If the tests were nationalized, then the results would provide a much more complete look at our educational system.

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