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Media: Passive, Schizophrenic Times NCLB Coverage

Popup Last week, the Times finally covered the reality that NCLB was unlikely to be reauthorized anytime soon, despite the Obama adminstration's much-repeated desire to get it done sooner. 

Today, the Times covers what the Obama administration would like out of a NCLB reauthorization (Obama to Seek Sweeping Change in ‘No Child’ Law) -- ignoring its own reporting about the slim chances that this has of happening anytime soon.

I guess we're back journalism focused on speculation rather than likelihood, led around by the press people at the USDE who tell reporters what the story is and then watch it get covered. 

The real story is what states are doing with the current NCLB this year, which remains in place despite being a lame duck law. 

Another story:  What happens to efforts to change formula programs like NCLB into competitive grant programs.


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