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Media: HCZ Hype Questions Slowly Reaching Mainstream

CityLimits_March2010 Everything seems new to EWA's Linda Perlstein, who only recently deigned to read things not published in major newspapers.  But I still want to welcome her to the small but merry band of HCZ skeptics who have for several years now been wondering out loud here in the shadowy world of the undernews whether HCZ was as big, bold, new, or effective as was being claimed (in, er, major newspapers and mainstream broadcast outlets), to commend readers to her blog entry about the topic Hope or Hype in Harlem?,  and to tell everyone to check out the new City Limits article by the same name by Helen Zelon: Hope or Hype In Harlem?.  There's also a local NPR segment featuring Zelon and Paul Tough, the former NYT Magazine editor who wrote the book on HCZ (Assessing Harlem Children's Zone).

There's still a major media examination of HCZ to be done -- Washington Post?  LA Times? -- but when it happens the fancy journalist types shouldn't think that they "discovered" these concerns. 

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