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Blog Roundup: Interim Assessments Not So Easy

One year later Knowledge Alliance: While much of the funding has yet to reach its intended beneficiaries, we think the impact at the state and federal level has been profound.

Apples and Oranges Learning First Alliance:  The clip uses a split screen to compare a teacher's morning to that of a real estate broker. The teacher packs in several hectic hours before the broker even emerges from his bedroom.340x_custom_1265826383621_74657965_8dfe903130

Edmodo Adds Capabilities With Fusion Merger Tom Vander Ark:  I’m intrigued by the viral potential of free lightweight teacher tools as a new and important entry point. 

Transparency for What? TAPPED:  Not all data improves policy.

Just One Person Undermines The Struggle” Larry Ferlazzo:  How do you avoid just teaching the “cult of personality” or the “cult of the hero” in your class?

Unemployment By Education Matthew Yglesias:  If someone you know is considering dropping out of high school, you ought to do everything possible to convince him or her to reconsider. .

Snow Storms Blow Away School Days Dakarai Aarons District Dossier:  Snowstorms have blown across the nation, closing schools for multiple days and disrupting school calendars.

Trade School: Will Barter for Skills GOOD Blog:  From now until the first of March, OurGoods, an online barter network, is running a pop-up storefront on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called Trade School, where entry into classes is based not on money or talent, but on meeting the needs of a particular teacher.

Assessing interim assessments Knowledge Alliance:  The Center for Policy Research in Education released this revealing study suggesting that use does not follow the rhetoric when it comes to interim assessments as a tool for informing instructional change.


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