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RTTT: Brand-Name Groups Seek State Setaside $$

500x_clouds The as-yet unconfirmed word on the street is that several of the best-known school reform organizations are talking to states about including them in their RTTT applications.  The big six are KIPP, TFA, New Leaders for New Schools, New Schools Venture Fund, Charter School Venture Fund, and the New Teacher Project.  A setaside for these national organizations will  improve states' chances of being funded and make their RTTT programs work better.  Or at least that's the pitch.  The ask?  A mere five percent.  No response yet from the groups I've contacted, but then again I'm not sure I was expecting one.  Remember how closed-mouthed the Gates folks were about the 15 states they were helping with RTTT applications and the districts applying for "deep dive" funding?  These folks generally like their privacy, even when they're playing with public money. 


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It's amazing how we're about to shovel millions into programs with limited track records. That includes KIPP.

A concerted overhaul of traditional teacher prep nationally would do more than any single charter school venture will ever do.

But I don't think Gates would find that sexy enough, and since they appear to be controlling this game, we're stuck with their hubris.

We already know that a huge chunk of the $635 million is going to Gates-backed programs like KIPP. Do we need them in our state applications, too?

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