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Politics: Senator-Elect Scott Brown, NCLB Supporter

A quick edu-intro to Scott Brown, the Senator-elect from Massachusetts (who will not necessarily be on the Senate HELP committee):

Scott Brown: ‘I don’t owe anybody anything’ Daily News
Brown supports education reform measures such as No Child Left Behind, he said, but would seek federal funding to support schools’ efforts to comply with requirements.

ScottbrownScott Brown comments on Rep. Capuano’s endorsement by the Massachusetts Teachers Association Campaign
“I support and respect teachers, but I think our next U.S. senator has to be in favor of high standards, choice and accountability in public education. That means testing, charter schools and reforms that make it easier to weed out bad teachers and reward the good ones. That is my education platform and I pledge that as the next U.S. senator from Massachusetts I will put the interests of kids first.”

US Senate candidates on charter schools, No Child Left Behind Commonweath Unbound
"I support high standards, testing and accountability. In reauthorizing NCLB, I would look to make sure we maintain high standards while at the same time providing the resources necessary to implement them."

Massachusetts Senator-Elect Scott Brown TIME
In 2007, Brown visited King Philip High School to discuss the topic of gay-marriage legislation. Students had posted insulting comments about Brown and his family on Facebook. At the meeting, Brown read the profanity-laced comments aloud and identified some of the students who wrote them.


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