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Weekend Reading

Rotten meat for kids The Week
Why are schools feeding children beef and chicken that wouldn't make the cut at fast-food restaurants?

The best iPhone apps for kids Slate500x_playdoh121109
The iPhone has become the Swiss Army knife of mobile parenting.

Why kids self-destruct with cell phones and online Slate
The bar for becoming a cyber-bully, or even a cyber-bully's accomplice, is much lower than the bar for becoming an actual bully.

My boys love astronomy. I couldn't care less. Slate
The other night, my boys curled up on the couch with my husband and went to the moon. They were enthralled by a grainy video of Neil Armstrong's 1969 shaky descent onto the pitted lunar sand.

Hard Times Revisited American Prospect
Two new books show how the gap between the rich and the poor shaped the culture of the 1930s.

Push Comes to .GOV American Prospect
The problems government agencies face as they start using social media are the same issues faced by any organization that wants a significant online presence: dealing with comments, coming up with content, and striking the right tone.


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