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Wednesday Blog Roundup

Seventh-Grader Assaulted At School — Officials Blame "Hormones" Jezebel
Last Thursday, at a middle school near Richmond High School (site of October's brutal gang rape) a 12 year old pupil was allegedly raped in a stairwell during school hours. But school officials are already disputing the account.

Another Study the Washington Post Editorial Board Won't Notice Von Zastrow
We found that 25% of charter school teachers turned over during the 2003-2004 school year, compared to 14% of traditional public school teachers.

Congressional Appropriators Take IES to Task Debra Viadero
The conference agreement for the appropriations bill for fiscal 2010 chastises the Education Department's research agency for ignoring lawmakers' wishes.

Will Local Teachers' Unions Sign Off on State 'Race to Top' Plans? Stephen Sawchuk
States want local unions to sign off on their Race to the Top Plans, but will affiliates agree to do so?

New Jobs Bill Would Include Money for Facilities, Edujobs Politics K12
New measure would include $23 billion to help save and create education jobs, on top of the economic-stimulus package which is already pouring more than twice that much state coffers for that purpose

Almost 30 Percent of School Cafeterias Fail Inspection Requirements   Slatest
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is well aware that the program falls short but says the rule is pretty much impossible to enforce because the law never specified what would happen to schools that don't get inspected.

Turning Detroit Around Yglesias
Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley have a very interesting piece looking at successful turnarounds of dying European industrial centers and laying out a vision for making Detroit work again. A lot of this has to do with possibly wishful thinking ideas about government governance.

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