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Trends: The Hipster Educator

Hipster2 These days pretty much every nonprofit and schoolhouse has at least one hipster (or wannabe hipster). 

But hipsters can be hard to recognize -- and even harder to deal with. 

So now there's the blog "Stuff Hipsters Hate" to help with identification intermediation. 

For example, hipsters hate OldstersAuthorityWhen Their Friends Go to Law School, Repetitive Tasks, High-Fiving.

Good to know.


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Pffft, how could anybody hate a high five? Certainly not anybody I want to be friends with.

Don't think our school has any of these yet, but I'll stay vigilant.

good to know, RPOA -- frankly i was worried that you might be one of them.

but maybe TFA's too earnest to interest or admit any hipsters?

oh no, brought up TFA again. trouble.

Me? Naaah. I furnished my classroom at Wal-Mart, and I can't grow a beard without my students making fun of me for a week. I would be a terrible hipster.

There are a ton of them in TFA in general (not just the active teachers, but Program Directors and other central office staff, at least in my observation). I wonder if the run of not-so-complementary press in the GNO area would discourage hipsters from wanting to apply? TFA is about as close to "the man" as you can get in the gap year universe.

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