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Media: Best Education Books, Articles, Movies Of 2009

The best education journalism and media of 2009 that I could come up with in an hour last night while talking on the phone to my mom (shhh, don't tell):

ScreenHunter_12 Dec. 03 23.16 Best Books:  Making The Grades, NurtureShock, Columbine

Best Columnist: "Uncle Jay" Mathews

Best Magazine Article:  The Innovation Administration (Dana Goldstein)

Best Magazine Cover:  Michelle Rhee With A Broom (in TIME)

Best New Yorker Articles: The Secret Of Self-Control, The Instigator, Brain Gain

Best Movie:  "The Class" (technically 2008), "Precious"

Best Video: "The Marshmallow Test" [fixed]

Best Instructional Video:  "Don't Bring A Gun To  A Snowball Fight"

Best TV Moment:  Arne Duncan Pretending To Guard Stephen Colbert

Best TV Shows:  Glee, Hung,

Best Cartoon:  "Slowly Lower In The Grant Money"

Best New Media Moments:  LA Times' Howard Blume Credits Bloggers, NY Review Of Books Praises Joanne Jacobs, Blogger Lists 100+ Reporters Who Twitter

Best Old Media Moment:  Editor Gets School Staffer Fired For Comments


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I love your list. The link to "The Marshmallow Test" isn't working, though.


thanks, larry --
fixed now.
i guess i should have been paying more attention!
/ alexander

Alexander, great list, especially the books. Haha.

It was so nice to see my book (Columbine) make your list. One of the great joys of this year for me has been seeing so many high school kids and teachers discovering it. (They landed in a big wave to my facebook page this fall. Funny how that works.)

I hope it helps.

And I liked a lot of the rest of the list, too. Glad to see you were not afraid to include Hung. I met the director of The Class at a conference this fall--really bright guy. It was his first film, on a tiny budget. We'll be seeing a lot more from him.

hmmm..Great Information. Thank you for sharing. It is really useful post for us.

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