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Schools Search For Stimulus Money & More

Schools have trouble tapping stimulus funds USA Today
Red tape makes it hard to raise money through a bond program meant to aid schools' construction and repair projects.

1111111111111111111'Race to Top' Driving Policy Action Across States EdWeek
Governors and lawmakers are looking to change state laws in hopes of winning coveted stimulus grants amid a gloomy fiscal landscape.

Ga. Schools Tighten Test Rules After Cheat Audit EdWeek / AP
In the wake of the scathing June report, districts have cracked down on where answer sheets are stored once they are completed by students and now require the sheets be turned in to collection warehouses immediately rather than being kept on campus for several days.

In Yemen, tribal tradition trumps education LA Times
Seventy boys in khaki uniforms cram shoulder to shoulder into chemistry class, where there are no chemicals or test tubes, only the squeak of the teacher's magic marker drawing diagrams and equations in the minutes before recess.


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