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RTTT: Overplaying Their Hand?

Year-2013-calendar Supporters are crowing that Race To The Top has already turned into a big winner, and indeed that's true when it comes to press attention and states' efforts to get themselves in shape to compete for funding. 

Needless to say, I would be among those who aren't applying right away.  The money's too small, the prescriptions are too tight (and strangely arbitrary). The timeline's too short. Why not wait until NCLB is revamped -- sure to be a softer, slower beast than RTTT, given that whole Congressional approval thing?

Speaking of NCLB, I don't know if I've heard anyone point out yet that all this RTTT (and i3) hullabaloo could have the effect of further delaying reauthorization.  By making such a big deal of RTTT the USDE may run into a lot of wait and see / we did that already when the time comes for NCLB.  Plus which there won't be much interest (or need) for a big domestic accomplishment with health care reform in hand. Nor any money.  Etc. 

So here's what I'm going to say:  Technical amendments and some easy fixes in 2010-11, plus lots of hearings and suggestions, but no real full-scale reauthorization until the year 2013.  That's right:  2013.  Can you hear me now?


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