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Quote: Telling The Truth

"Ninety-nine times out of 100 you got to tell the truth, and the 100th time you don't need a PR guy, you need a lawyer."

USDE media guy Peter Cunningham in an article about the closed-mouth demeanor of his Chicago public schools replacement.


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Is the following passage from the DC WIRE an example of the 100th time rule? Rhee and others need to remember that 99 times out of 100, their spin and falsehoods are not illegal, but if that e mail was issued in the context of, say, a termination hearing, that could be suborning perjury.

"Charlotte Brookins-Hudson, former Hardy parent and PTA president, received a Nov. 3 e-mail from William Yukstas, a member of Rhee's staff, who said the school would remain open to out of boundary students and that Pope would stay as principal.

'This is not set to change in any way nor will school leadership,' Yukstas wrote.

Rhee, asked by Keller about the e-mail at the Hardy meeting, said: 'We wanted to make sure we were able to communicate to the Hardy community at one time, with me being able to explain exactly what was happening. So we were waiting for this time in order to do that, so people could ask questions and I could answer them.'

'So let me be clear,' said Keller, whose day job is majority counsel to the House Judiciary Committee. 'You actually had your staff misrepresent the position rather than saying we can't make an announcement now?'"

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