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News: Obama "Polishing His Predecessor's Apple"

Year in review: Obama's K-12 policy doesn't change much USA Today
A new president promised a fresh start but angered many in even his own party by polishing his predecessor's apple.

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaIs the MEA trying to scuttle state's Race to the Top chances?The Grand Rapids Press
Is the Michigan Education Association telling local union leaders to scuttle the state's bid for federal Race to the Top cash? ...

Top News - Top 10 ed-tech stories of 2009: No. 5 eSchool News
Online learning might prove disruptive to education, but it also helped many schools avoid a disruption to the learning process as hundreds of schools closed temporarily amid swine-flu outbreaks in their communities.

Beverly Hills schools move to cut outside pupilsMSNBC
Threats on Facebook, name-calling, security guard escorts — tempers are running high around schools these days in this normally sedate enclave of ostentatious wealth.

Standardized testing hurting U.S. education Topix
America's increasing reliance on standardized testing as a yardstick for educational success is a flawed policy that threatens to undermine the nation's strengths of creativity and innovation, according to a provocative new book from a Michigan State University scholar.


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