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Lip-Dub Showdown: Who Wins?

091204_littlepicture-thumb-440x599 These whole-school / single-shot / massively complicated lip dubs (some of them executed in reverse) are increasingly popular it seems.  And some of them are actually good. 

So Thanks to a friend of the blog for sending along these dueling videos to help make the day pass more quickly and give a bit of a peek inside real schools with real kids and teachers. The description: 

"One school [Shorecrest] made a video with kids lip-synching an Outkast song and challenged a rival school. Kids at the latter institution [Shorewood] not only produced a Hall & Oates lip-dub video but also did the song & video backwards." 

It's not quite the opening shot to Boogie Nights or the long single shot in the middle of Atonment, but there are some seriously complicated logistics here. I wonder if anyone's done a "how to" on pulling these things off. 

Picture unrelated.


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