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Reports: Think Tanks Vs. Authors (2007)

Picture 1 Thanks to a friend for pointing me to this 2007 Jay Mathews column about the dispute over changes made to a report on AP and IB programs that took place between a professor named Klein and the Fordham Foundation (The Secret Gripes of Professor Klein). 

"The results of such disputes, often not made public, can be messy," notes Mathews.  "We readers of such exercises should keep that in mind."

It's an interesting tale.  During the editing process Fordham wanted to change some of  Klein's conclusions.  Klein took his name off the report.  Fordham issued the report, altered, without revealing the dispute or posting the original report.  Klein complained. 


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Along a related but somewhat different line... kudos to Teacher Magazine for publishing this essay by Alaska Teacher of the Year Bob Williams, challenging some of the methods used to assign grades to states in the recent U.S. Chamber report "Leaders and Laggards."


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