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Education stimulus funds only a trickle EdNews CO
Only $7 million out of $312 million in federal stimulus funds for education has actually been paid out to Colorado districts.

South Philly principal had troubles in NJ The Philly Notebook116l4yt
South Philadelphia High School principal LaGreta Brown, who has been notably silent during the recent controversy regarding the safety of Asian students, once received a “no-confidence” vote from her faculty when she was principal of Atlantic City High School.

Jokeland Mike Antonucci
The Oakland Education Association is demanding a 15 percent raise over three years in its teacher contract negotiations.

Three Great Books to Read Aloud to Your Tweens & Teens Daily Riff
Here are three that you may have never thought of - so give yourself a holiday gift, or two:

Educational Approaches Pop! Tech
This week in PopTech 2009 video releases, find out the difference fifteen minutes can make to a child’s cognitive performance in parenting guru Ashley Merryman’s presentation, why school turnaround visionary Steve Barr thinks private school should be outlawed, and the way legendary teacher Dennis Littky has transformed student performance through personalized curriculae.


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FYI, from someone who contributes to an Oakland schools' listserv:

"Mike Antonucci is a boorish anti-teachers' union watchdog that heads-up the Education Intelligence Agency (a one man show, actually, though he does have well-placed moles in many places). He particularly likes to report on the work of the [Oakland's teachers union as they] have been leaders, both statewide and nationally, on several issues, whether they be NCLB, high-stakes testing, militarism in schools, charters, privatization etc."

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