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EDSEC: Arne Duncan's Very Long Holiday Vacation

Wallpaper-world-map-2006-large All year he talks to us about a longer school day and year, and yet Arne Duncan is gone -- away -- off somewhere for a full TWO WEEKS of what's rumored to be a family vacation.  What kind of an example is that for America's educators and schoolchildren?  Especially given Peter Cunningham's recent surfing trip extended listening tour to Guam and Hawaii. Meanwhile, Congress, the White House, and everyone else is either snowed in or too busy to go much of anywhere.  I mean, shouldn't Duncan be around to help President Obama make congratulatory calls to Senators on Christmas Eve, when the health care bill gets voted on?  Isn't there some school that needs to be shoveled out?  Bitter USDE staffers who are working while the boss is off relaxing, email or write in and tell us where he's gone. 


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Surfing trip Peter Cunningham? No joke. Hawaii only has one district. Wasn't his tour of the islands something like 11 days???

duncan is not only on a long vacation, he's apparently gone ABROAD. that means out of the country. international. australia?

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