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Cyber-Stalking Your Favorite Educationistas

No-peeking-480 Go onto Facebook (you're probably on there already).  Pick an education person who's got a Facebook page but is for whatever reason not your FB friend.  Now, click on his or her profile picture.  What do you see?  In all likelihood, you'll be able to see that person's profile pics and maybe even pictures in which they've been tagged. 

What?!? It's true.  Even FB founder Marc Zuckerberg fell for this one, resulting in all his personal pictures getting downloaded and spread everywhere. Facebook changed everyone's default privacy settings to share all your information with everyone, regardless of whether you're friends with them or not (regardless of whether they're on Facebook, in fact).  Pictures are part of the deal.  So, lots of non-friends can see pics even if they can't see anything else.  Don't let that happen to you.  Here's how (Gawker).


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