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Blogs: The Over-Rated Achievement Gap

Why I have no use for the achievement gap Uncle Jay Mathews
I think the achievement gap is useless as a measure of school improvement, and we would be much better writing about how much each ethnic group, each school, each child is improving, or not improving.

36 States Plan to Apply for Race to the Top, Round 1 Politics K12 [it's back!]
The U.S. Department of Education has posted a list of 36 states that have signaled they plan to apply for a $4 billion Race to the Top grant in Round 1.

How Do We Solve a Problem Like South Philadelphia High? Racialicious [new blog]
When you see a headline like “30 Asian Students Attacked,” one would think there would be massive rage.  An outcry about violence in schools.  A discussion of why our kids aren’t safe. 

Should Colleges Let in the Same Number of Guys and Girls, Regardless of Who Applies? GOOD
Female over-representation at the college level strikes me as a good—or at least not-bad—problem to have.

Tracking Tools Let Parents Obsess Over Infant Data Slatest
New technology allows parents to track the minutiae their babies' developmental progress.

No Recession for Schools EdNext Blog
The Winter 2010 issue of Education Next is just  hitting newsstands (and subscribers’ mailboxes). 


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