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Blogs: Monday Morning Commentary

Picture 21 Hmmmm Knowledge Alliance
How can the quote above be reconciled with the lead education story of the week, Dept of Education issues highly restrictive guidance on how schools should use SIG funds to turn around low-performing schools?

Detroit Parents Want Teachers, Administrators Jailed Robert Pondiscio
“Somebody needs to go to jail. Somebody needs to pay for this. Somebody needs to go to jail, and it shouldn’t be the kids.”

Looking for some assistance with my next survey of the edublogosphere DI
I’m looking for a few folks who might be interested in helping me with my next survey of the edublogosphere.

Bad signs for Bennet CQ
Colo. Sen. Michael Bennet is losing to all three of his GOP challengers, according to a new survey.

Democrats for Education Reform DFER
Who would have guessed that in less than one year we would be looking at such significant coast-to-coast policy changes at the state level.

Number of Hungry American Kids Skyrockets
Twice as many children are hungry in Philly as were last year.

Wonks and Teachers Yglesias
I’m not sure that a sixth grade teacher is the image that comes to mind when words like “wonk” and “expert administration” get tossed around—it’s a pretty standard middle-class occupation with practitioners to be found all across the country.

Kids Today The Awl
Hot with the kids now: Pot, pain pills, and ADD drugs. Not so hot: Cigarettes, meth, and binge drinking.


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