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Blogs: Cut Science To Close Race Gap (& More)

To close racial gap, cut science Joanne Jacobs
To close the racial achievement gap, Berkeley High School’s Governance Council, made up of teachers, students and parents, has a modest proposal.Kid_obama

A bad idea from good people Jay Mathews
Sometimes it is the smartest, most concerned policymakers who do the most harm to schools.

A-N-A-C-H-R-O-N-I-S-M Robert Pondiscio
Some school districts are encouraging teachers to scrap spelling tests.  

Dumb Arguments for Stupid Ideas GothamSchools
The reauthorization of NCLB should require states that accept Title I money (i.e. all of them) to require all public school teachers to get buzz cuts.

The Two Thousands Reduced to Icons Gawker
For those of you sick of reading "decade in reviews," designer Phillip Niemeyer has come up with a chart plotting the culture and history of the last decade.


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