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Reading: Weekend Recommendations [updated]

Schools shouldn't block social network sites Slate
At a suburban school district near Washington, D.C., the most popular teacher happens to be a local star on YouTube. Unbeknown to him, students with cell-phone cameras have videotaped him dancing to "Soulja Boy Tell 'Em" and other songs taught to him by the students. [video removed]

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Groups Cheer Health Care Reform

Conservatives are not, as a rule, terribly excited about health care reform. But one subset has high hopes for reform: proponents of abstinence-only sex education, who were pleasantly surprised to see an amendment that would provide $50 million in federal funding for their programs survive in the final Senate legislation.

OLPC Releases Pictures of XO-3 Tablet GOOD
Nicholas Negroponte, Yves Behar, and the One Laptop Per Child outfit have just released renderings of a new product, a flat touchscreen tablet called the XO-3.

It's the Only Way They'll Learn
An Ohio mother called the cops on her 6-year-old daughter, who shoplifted a $3.11 packet of stickers, then toyed with claiming the $30 reward.

Hispanic Higher-Ed Policy Misses the MarkTumblr_kvattpEtYg1qz7lxdo1_500
The majority of Hispanic K-12 students are native-born (87 percent) and native English speakers (80 percent).

Anxiety Abounds Over Explosive Growth of Advanced Placement Enrollment Atlantic Wire
Are too many under-prepared, under-motivated students being squeezed into once-selective A.P. courses?

A Heartwarming Work of Edifying Genius GOOD
Valentino Deng, the central figure in Dave Eggers's What Is the What, is turning the dream of education into a reality for Sudanese youth.

France's school curriculum: La fin de l'histoire Economist
Enough of history, decides the state.

Foreign students in America Economist
Between them, Germany, France and Italy still sent more students to America in 2007-08 than did either India or South Korea.


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