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Weekend Reading

Deflating the Grade Inflation Scare Miller-McCune Cmk_web_cboy_school
A sociologist and an economist look at collegiate grade inflation and find a bogeyman that doesn't frighten them at all.

The Old Collegie Lie Democracy
The biggest problem with American higher education is that too many of the students who do enroll aren’t learning very much and aren’t earning degrees.

Handwriting Is History Miller-McCune
Writing words by hand is a technology that's just too slow for our times, and our minds.

Upper Mismanagement The New Republic
Why can't Americans make things? Two words: business school.

Reading People’s Faces Reason
These days, even art on your neck, collarbone, and wrists is barely enough to signal your commitment to subcultures that are totally legal.

The Maven Of For-Profit Colleges National Journal ($)
A California entrepreneur without a college degree is making colleges profitable.


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