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AM News: States Spend 600 Hours On RTTT Applications

Two teachers ordered to return more than $148,000 in overpayments LA Times
Two former Los Angeles teachers face a court order to return salary overpayments of more than $148,000, part of an increasingly aggressive push to retrieve $9.4 million from employees who were inadvertently caught up in its malfunctioning payroll system.

To get federal funds, schools must apply stronger measures to struggling schools Washington Post
If a public school struggles year after year, is the solution to shut it down? Fire everyone and start over? Hand the reins to a contractor? Or help teachers and principals raise their game?6a00e54f8c25c988340120a77999a7970b-200wi

Extra Homework Applying for Education Grants New York Times
The Department of Education, preparing to give hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, estimated how long it should take each state to prepare its proposal: 681 hours.

D.C. Schools Chief Looks for New Breed of Educators PBS NewsHour
As part of a series of reports on school reform in the nation's capital, John Merrow checks in with D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee, who has had to make difficult -- and controversial -- decisions regarding school closures and staff cuts.

J.H. Fischer, Educator in Turbulent Times, Is Dead at 99 New York Times
Mr. Fischer led Baltimore to become the first large American city to integrate its public schools and brought reform to Teachers College of Columbia University as its dean and president.


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