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Words: Bringing The "-ER" Insult To Education

Category_357 The Times Magazine (On Language) notes that adding "-er" is the cool new way of belittling or insulting your opponents.  (Think teabagger, birther.)

That got me thinking:  Reformer.  NCLBer.  Charterer.  RTTTer.  Innovationer.  Think Tanker.  TFAer.  Reporter.  Blogger. 

Obviously I need help with this.  Any ideas?


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Back in the day, the "Trots" called themselves themselves "Trotskyists." Ratinonal people, as well as their equally weird opponents (the Althusarians, for instance) called them "Trotskyites." I'd call reformers, TFAers, and anyone else who listens to two sides of arguments by whatever name they want. The term "reformites" or TFAites might work for those who see themselves as the one true way.

I agree with John that "ite" works better than "er"--workers, farmers, etc. etc.

This is just the beginning of ideological "gains." We can look forward to "post-reformers" etc. "revisionist reform," "post-modern revisionist reform" and "reform reconsidered."

Meanwhile, the beat goes on, unreformed.

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