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Video: Sharpton, Gingrich, Duncan -- So What?

I don't know about you, but the thrill is gone for me over the Sharpton / Gingrich partnership. Adding Duncan to the mix doesn't change that. What have they accomplished, really, besides serving as some sort of media freak show?  And who's paying for them to do these events?

Sharpton and Gingrich, Unlikely Allies, Talk Education CBS News


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Aside from preferring vouchers (spun now as Pell Grants) over Charter Schools as the route to privatization, Speaker Gingrich can't improve on the Obama Administration's education policy. That makes "bipartisanship" very easy for even the far right. The Obama Administration has accepted the Bush education policy and tightened the noose.

Every school and school district in the country will be designated as failing by 2014. The National Academy of Sciences has warned that each of the four reforms that states applying for RttT grants assure they will implement has no scientific/technical foundation.


This is change we better believe, but it's not the change that the voters who elected President Obama were promised.

Does the fact that Sharpton and presumably Gingrich, should I take the time to Google it, receiving $500,000 to endorse these reforms count for anything. http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090615/goldstein

Heck they still messed up on a few talking points, maybe they should be getting payed $1 million and they'll do a better job. Or maybe they can blame their failed public education for not being able to memorize 10 talking points.

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