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Video: Elementary School Kid Refuses To Pledge

Both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report riffed off the news that an elementary school boy was refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance in school.  Just cuz I'm lazy, here's the Daily Show version (the segment starts about 90 seconds in):

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Wow, what guts this kid has, to stand up against the amount of peer pressure that kids his age exert. I think that this is something that is missing from our current educational system. We are encouraging kids to think the same way with teachers standing in front of the classroom reciting scripted materials. Where is free thinking and standing up for what we believe in in our schools? Am I saying that we should encourage kids to not stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Absolutely not. But, we should be encouraging students to take a stand. Stand up for what they think is right. We should be teaching students the skills they need to think and understand on their own. I want the rising generation to consist of free and innovative thinkers, not mindless workers. I think the entire educational system could learn a big lesson from this kid.

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