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Reading: Weekend Roundup

Joblessness adds to burden on D.C. area schools Washington Post
As the lunchroom poverty barometer rises, schools are solidifying their role as centers for social services.

To Pay for Longer School Days, Some Parents Try Raising Money NYT
Parents of students in public and magnet schools must get creative to finance extra hours in the classroom.
Taking Tater Tots Off the Tray Miller-McCune
Recommendations from a panel of nutrition experts seek to make school lunches healthier, but enacting them is easier said than done

Why Are Selective Colleges Getting So Selective? The Atlantic
Studies show that the schools we apply to are a better indication of future success than the schools we attend.

Prescribing marijuana to kids The Week
Proponents of cannabis for kids say it can help treat autism, ADHD, cancer and AIDS symptoms.

At This School, It’s Marijuana in Every Class NYT
At most colleges, marijuana is very much an extracurricular matter.

Are Girls The New Boys Matt Yglesias (again)
If it’s true that society has developed an aggregate preference for girls that would, of course, be a change from the historic pro-boy bias of the peasant farmer.

What's Going to Happen to Textbooks? Atlantic Wire
Some think this might be a good idea, given the high cost of traditional textbooks. But it's not clear that will be enough to get e-readers on college campuses and in high schools.


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