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Blogs: Innovation, Johnson/Rhee Scandal, Etc.

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The Innovation Administration American Prospect
The Obamas' infatuation with social entrepreneurship and venture philanthropy serves as a reminder of their aversion to a more robust, liberal, government-focused rhetoric. [read of the day]

Will Kevin Johnson/Rhee Scandal Be Obama's Whitewater? ENO
My goodness, where do we root here?

Tall Glass of Crazy, Anyone? Edna Lee
Have you noticed how teaching is much like a pregnancy?

Alabama Union Boss Calls Charter Schools a “Fad” EIA
Alabama Education Association executive secretary Paul Hubbert has been snoozing since 1991, and thinks we need to nip these newfangled charter schools in the bud. [though he may be right]


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The most interesting blog post about the Johnson/Rhee scandal is @ http://conductingtheinnerlight.edublogs.org/2009/11/21/diligence-due/

"Personally, I think the sex part of this scandal is somewhat of a misdirection... I cannot recommend enough reading the entire report right down to the interview of Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez, the former employee of St. Hope Academy Charter Schools. Your jaw will drop, your eyes will pop out of your head. No matter how you try to play this report it looks stinky. Just a for instance: Michelle Rhee was listed as a board member of St. Hope. Simultaneously she was listed as: the consultant for the New Teacher Project, the consultant for the reconstruction bridge span, the consultant for the reconstruction of the HR department, while on another memo she was listed as the COO. In yet another letter she was listed as the President and Johnson as the CEO."

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