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RTTT: Revenge Of The States

Jaccuse What if states and districts returned the favor and came up with their own "reverse" version of the Race To The Top? Fair's fair.  The USDE has been wagging its finger in state and district faces for months now. 

A "reverse" RTTT could include closing loopholes that let states lower standards (or let districts exclude low-scoring students), better coordination between IDEA and NCLB, sending Title I money to states and districts in a more equitable, targeted way, improving the distribution of effective teachers by enforcing the comparability provision, and rating and defunding ineffective ed school programs. And that's just a start.  Better early childhood education would be nice (good luck with the Head Start mafia, BTW).  Higher reimbursement for NAEP participation.A limit on district setasides. 

You may have better ideas.  The main point is that, for every firewall and charter cap out there in the states, there's something under the direct control of the USDE and Congress that's just as bad if not worse. 


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I like the way you think!

Oh my goodness, you're singing my song, I think your comments will resonate with a lot of people!

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