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News: White House Education Campaign, & More

White House Plans Education Campaign NYT
The plan will enlist companies and nonprofits, including “Sesame Street,” to spend money and time to encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math.

D.C. Schools Chief Targets Tenure WSJ
Mr. Duncan said he wants to see the D.C. spat end soon. "We generally don't weigh in on local labor disputes, but this has gone on too long and they need to bring it to closure," he said in an interview.
Study Finds NCLB Law Lifted Math Scores EdWeek
Researchers found large gains in math scores for 4th graders and moderate ones for 8th graders, but no similar evidence for reading achievement.

States Said to Be Progressing on Data Systems EdWeek
A new report finds that 44 states, up from 21 in 2005, have built systems that can track students’ progress over time.

Activists: Big disparities in gifted education MSNBC
Disparities in gifted schooling exist in every state, according to the National Association for Gifted Children, which blames low federal funding and a focus on low-performing students.

Shouldn't the evaluating get evaluated? Washington Post
Dan Goldfarb, a 51-year-old history teacher at Benjamin Banneker High School, says his first encounter with an evaluator under the District's new IMPACT system for assessing teachers did not go well.

Book Review: Making the Grades by Todd Farley Washington Post
As college application season hits a fever pitch and standardized tests become the fixation of high school seniors and admissions boards everywhere, Todd Farley's memoir, "Making the Grades," argues for taking the results of these and other ballyhooed exams with a heavy dose of skepticism.


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